About Us

Your Trusted Partner (TP)
Swisscloud Consulting Ltd. (HK) and its sister company Alea E-Com Ltd. (mainland) are specialized in operating Chinese Marketplaces like JD.com, Tmall, Taobao, Xiaohongshu, suning.com etc. for our clients. This could be with a produced in China-, normal B2B import-, or Cross-border E-Commerce -model. We are a so called Trusted Partner (TP).
A team passionate about E-Commerce.
Our employees, first of all the founder, are obsessed with E-Commerce. All uf us have long experience in managing or supporting Chinese E-Com Platforms, and spent probably as much time on them for shopping. We know how it ticks. The common pittfalls, what consumers expect. But most of all, we know how to build it!
CN Marketplaces Experts
The Marketplaces are deep and require a lot of expertize to grow your business; the time of free organic traffic, especially on Alibaba platforms, are over. We know ways to beat the algorithm and engage in ‘growth hacking’.
Starting your E-Commerce
With most of the young, educated and better off people from China shopping online, you are looking at an estimated market of 700mio shoppers. Getting your company started in one or several e-com platforms will bring your sales forward quite a bit. We help you from scratch to register, set up store and operate it for you.